torstai 25. elokuuta 2016

Sweet thursday

Torstai on toivoa täynnä!

We have lots of great memories from our journeys in Greece. First there was just two of us with our backbags in the 1980's in Peloponnesos and Halkidiki and after many years of family life we found again our love for Greece on our wedding day holiday. 

We flight to see how it was in Kalithea Camping Site. This time we didn't sleep in a tiny tent by the sea. Instead of that we drove by bike there in heat and stopped in an old, familiar taverna to drink refreshing frappe.

That was the pivotal vacation. We desided to take our daughters also to see this country which had stolen our hearts. 

Kefalonia we found from an article in our local newspaper. Myrtos was our main target. The road with a little bit bad car was almost frightening experience. The wind was blowing so hard that it was forbidden to swim. In the mountains it was nice to explore and girls loved to swim in pool at hotel. It was wonderful to enjoy their happiness. 

The path to Megalo Seitan

Next journey we made again just the two of us. 
We landed at Samos Airport in the beginning of June 2011. Hotel Naftilos sounded just perfect for a holiday for a couple. They had age limit 16. The pool was quiet and it was marvellous to enjoy time in peace reading and resting. 

When we first time left Samos we were looking at Mikro and Megalo Seitan beaches from the airplane's window. Decision was made! There are deserted places without any service. The long hiking in the heat was definately worth doing. We fell in love with this stylish boutique Hotel and so one year later our whole family arrived to the hill near Pythagorion. We rented a car and explored the island together. Unforgettable time together as a family!

When you look at these pictures I think you'll understand why I am so exited about my win. 

If you clik this: Kuvia Samokselta you'll see more beautiful moments. 

                  With happy thoughts, Tuija

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  1. Teillä on ollut ihana loma. Upeat kuvat! - Blogissani on puutarhakirjojen arvonta, käyhän kurkkaamassa.

  2. Ihana tuo eka kuva! Voihan Kreikka ja Suomen vesisade, tuli reissukuume!

    1. Voimakuvani! Siihen kiteytyy niin paljon. Matkakuume tarttuu helposti. Odota vaan, kun postaan Samokselta jonkin ajan kuluttua. Iloa viikonvaihteeseen! Tuija

  3. Upeita kuvia! Kreikkaan on viime aikoina tehnyt mieli. Katsotaan ehditäänkö, ennenkuin kausi loppuu. Nämä kuvat kyllä saivat aikaan matkakuumeen!

    1. Samoksella kausi vielä jatkuu. Suosittelen mitä lämpimimmin! Ottakaahan äkkilähtö niin tavataan siellä. :) Tuija