torstai 16. heinäkuuta 2015

Studios Iris

                                   Lomaterveiset Samoksen saarelta! 


Greetings from Pythagorion! 
Villa Iiris has come back from Samos. We had a wonderful holiday during those two weeks in Studios Iris. 

Happy Iiris

The reason we booked this special place to stay on our vacation was because last year we saw the sign of Studios Iris.  It accured to be a memorable place to celebrate the 18th birthday of our youngest daughter Iiris. Happy, happy, happy!

Villa Iiris Photography

Our studio was on the upper floor and we had a balcony and a huge terrace. Room was quite small with three beds but it was cosy to sleep and stay so close to each other. 


One of the best things was preparing our own breakfast when we wanted. Just around the corner was a nice coffee shop, a great grocery store and couple of supermarkets where you can pick up fresh fruits and other things you need to make something to eat. 

The view from the terrace and the balcony offered two different experiences and it was lovely to choose between those two. In the balcony we had a peaceful place to read a book while eating eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms with a cup of tea or a cappucino. It depended on what the feeling was like in the morning whether we chose to eat our breakfast alone or together. Once we had breakfast in a restaurant, it was really nice but quite expensive for three persons.

All the Greek people we met during our holiday were wonderful. They were happy to meet us and their helpfulness was really unforgettable. Our room was clean and pleasant thanks to a hard-working young woman. Thank you, Eva! 

When we had a lazy morning or a lazy day or a lazy evening it was nice to lay down on the terrace. Sun was shining and life felt completely stress free.

On the street just opposite to Studios Iris is a traditional Greek taverna Genteki. We ate there twice. Their home made bread was  delicious and there are no words to praise their eggplant salad. Their famous coffee we will test next time. 

I have so many beautiful memories from our trip that you should be prepared to read a few more posts about our adventures on this beautiful island.

Efcharistó Studios Iris! 

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