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In the middle of August I got a message which changed my thoughts about my ordinary life. My luggage was packed for almost three weeks before my journey. All my summer clothes were on our bed. Two piles: yes/no. Then finally came the day which I had been waiting for with confused thoughts. 

Today it is about 50 days from that exciting evening. VR took me to southern Finland smoothly and finally I arrived at the airport. Check-in was silent in the evening. Good for me! 

Hotel Hilton Airport was cooperating with my blog. It is only a three minute walk from terminal 2 to Hilton. I am familiar with this stylish hotel from our earlier visits.  

One of the most important things on holiday is to have a good sleep and proper breakfast before a morning flight. Everything at this pleasant hotel was perfect. My mind was anxious and I had problems to fall a sleep though I enjoyed a relaxing bubblebath. 

Thank you Hotel Hilton very much for your hospitality! See you next year! Hope to have a nice cup of brewed tea at breakfast.

From now on Finnmatkat is called TUI. Today there has been lots of advertisements about this change. TUI gives us more possibilities to plan our holidays within a big company.

TUI has only straight flight from Helsinki to Samos as far as I know. The flight is scheduled to last 3,5 hours. This summer departures were on Tuesdays at 7.55 and our arrival was at 11.30 because the weather conditions were good. This time landing was the smoothest ever. Thanks to the captain and crew! 

Next available straight flight from Helsinki by TUI to Samos is on the 9th of May 2017. Last departure from Finland is on the 3rd of October. 

"Discover your smile"

Uskomatonta, miten aika kiitää.
Juurihan jännitin lähtöä yksikseni matkaan ja nyt lokakuu on hupsahtanut ohi. Marraskuun hämäryyden piristykseksi päätin vihdoinkin perustaa oman blogin matkamuisteloilleni sekä -haaveille. Alkuvalmistelut on tehty, mutta siinä se sitten onkin. Pitänee ajatella, että hyvin suunniteltu on puoliksi tehty. 

Inspiraatiokorteista viimeisessä lukee näin: 
Kuvittele, miltä tuntuu, kun tavoite on totta! 

             Kuvasta päätellen arvata saattaa, mitä mielessäni pyörii. 

Good night! Sleep tight!

Dreaming... Tuija

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